my cat is silly
he likes my new chair


so glad
So this week marked one year since we left Texas, and I am so glad we did!!  I love my new friends that rock, and not being a super fuckup methhead anymore, and not living in a sauna 10 months out of the year.  I also love the feeling that's been growing since we decided not to leave - I can actually put some roots down, have some permanence, and know people for the rest of my life.  It feels good.

to my coworkers
I'm sure you've all seen the McCafé commercial....
"Nice minivan."
"That's 'Minivan
é to you."

So next time you think to yourself,
"This is lame.", no, dude, it's lam

Gold lam
é, even.

Here's a great segue: 

Lamé is a type of fabric woven or knit with thin ribbons of metallic yarns, as opposed to guimpé, where the ribbons are wrapped around a fiber yarn.

So next time you're limping and someone calls you gimpy, no dude, you're guimpé.

Obviously, Jesspresso, thanks again for the gift.  LOL!

My simple little life has its miracles, one of which being THIS happening on the one random day I took my camera to work.

my first harvest
I grew this lettuce from a seed... and tonight we are eating home grown 100% organic lettuce!

I can't be trusted.
Is it morally reprehensible to post pictures when you told the subject you wouldn't?  I don't think so (excluding lewd or incriminating photos OF COURSE).  I mean, if you let me see your face everyday anyway, what's the big deal about capturing it on film?  If you don't want people to see you, stay home.
Jesspresso don't you tattle!Collapse )

oh, LiveJournal, you're so smart
How did you know I was going to want to undelete?  Still not regretting myspace and facebook deletion, though.  Yay, one friend is really all I need.

Now we're cookin'!
Wow - I made it through the day without losing the camera.  Granted, when I got home I couldn't figure out how to upload pics (when did I become computer illiterate?) but thanks to Joel I'm back in business.  So, here goes with the embarrassing BEFORE pics.

Well, they are uploaded to my scrapbook - not sure yet how to show them in this post.

Damn, it took two days.
Okay, just found my camera.  Just now.   The only reason I found it is because I was looking for my watch.  This doesn't speak well for my housekeeping prowess.  Gotta go to work but now I can post the BEFORE pics when I get home!

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